Smith Rock Bend Oregon Family Photos

One adorable fall family photos at Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon.

Smith Rock Family Photos

Need suggestions on what to wear?

Accessorizing for family photos adds a fun and little extra touch that makes the photos adorable. Such as hats, scarfs, boots, a favorite toy, or blanket. This precious little girl’s hat really made for a little something extra special. You can get really creative with style even with the kiddos.  I suggest picking out 3 main colors and blending them so that everyone coordinates nicely with individual style. For example, when planning the attire for your family photoshoot, pick out your favorite outfit first such as a dress for mom or favorite flannel for dad. Something with color and pattern.  Then take that one item and build the rest of your attire from that one piece.

Stay away from logos they can be distracting to the images. But don’t be afraid to use color. It’s also okay to blend patterns as it gives some texture to the photo.   Pay attention to the location of which you will be having your photos taken. If there is a lot of orange in the scenery, you might want to stay away from a lot of “orange” clothing and choose colors that will pop out against the orange background.  If you are going to a location that has a lot of green trees, you might want to choose colors that will be light, bright to pop out against the green trees. Here is a great example of perfect color combinations that blend nicely with a little bit of a pattern in the mix.  If you need any help, please feel free to connect.

Smith Rock Family Photography

Smith Rock Family Photography

My shooting style…

My style of family photography is to capture candid moments as much as possible.  The loving, playful moments are fleeting, they grow up too quickly. I like to document the love story of what it’s “truly” like raising small children. All the fun, playful, exploration, and wonder in your children’s eyes and most importantly the love you have for them.  I’ve found with years of experience, that children react to the camera the best if they are allowed to be “kids” during the family portraits.  If the parents are feeling stressed or worried about that “perfect smile” or perfect hair in place, perfect outfit in perfect posed position, then the kids feed off that stressed energy and often times will not be at their most playful optimum mood.  To me, it’s all of the imperfect moments that make everything perfectly documented during a family session.  However, I will start with posed portraits in the beginning and then move to candid playful moments.

Smith Rock Family Photos

Tips for a successful family photo session…

In order to have a stress-free family photos at Smith Rock,  I suggest reserving the family session during a time when it’s at your children’s most optimum mood level.  Make sure the kiddos are healthy, it is okay to reschedule if the kiddos are feeling ill. Children will always provide you with the best moments when they feel great. Trust me, a reschedule is worth the wait if the kiddos are feeling ill.  Make sure the kiddo’s bellies are full. Bring snacks and water, often times the kiddos get a little hungry and may want a little snack break.  If you plan to dress your children in their photoshoot outfits at the photo location, prepared ahead of time and arrive early.   That way, when it’s “go time” the entire family is ready, this makes for a less stressful experience for you as the parents. It’s so important to arrive early so that everyone is prepared for the photoshoot, things will run much more smoothly this way.  Dress appropriately for the weather conditions so that everyone is comfortable.  If the kiddos love music, bring a playlist.  We will provide a portable speaker.  It’s amazing how much fun the kids have with a little music playing in the background!  And lastly, it’s okay to bring reward treats for encouragement. 

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Look at those adorable accessories!
Mommy based the family photo session colors off your son’s flannel shirt. Rust, blue and grey is a perfect color combination for a fall family session and also looks great out at Smith Rock.
Smith Rock Family Photography
Loving the gold warm color tones of this Smith Rock family portrait session.  Timeless color.
Smith Rock family photographer
Let’s create some fun memories together!


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