Painted Hills Oregon Maternity Photoshoot

Are you an expectant mother looking to have your maternity photoshoot captured in Central Oregon?  A maternity photoshoot at the Painted Hills in Oregon might be the perfect idea for you. With it’s unique and stunning natural formations and vast rustic views that glow in the golden hour light, capturing a maternity photoshoot at the Painted Hills in Oregon is an unforgettable experience.
Getting to the Painted Hills requires preplanning as there are limited gas stations, and the drive can be a bit long, about 1 1/2 hours from Bend, Oregon.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for a successful maternity photo shoot at the Painted Hills

1. Fuel Up and Pack Well

To avoid any gas-related mishaps, fill-up your car’s gas tank. Additionally, cell service is not the best in the area, so carry a map or GPS device. Pack water, snacks, and food to sustain yourselves during the traverse, as the drive consumes around 1 1/2 hours from Bend, Oregon. Additionally, pack a few extra snacks just in case – having something tasty on hand can make all the difference in your comfort levels before your photoshoot.

2. Dress Comfortably and Confidently

Pick comfortable and fitting clothes for your maternity photoshoot. From dresses to jeans, choose the attire that you feel most comfortable in and compliments your baby bump. Neutral colors are a great option as they blend well with the natural backdrop. Flowy dresses are a huge hit at the Painted Hills. Additionally, pack some extra layers the weather can change rapidly, and temperatures tend to drop as the sun sets.

3. Time and Season Matter Choose the right time of day and season to shoot your maternity photos

Early mornings and late afternoons offer excellent lighting conditions for your photoshoot – the golden hour. Also, since there are limited shaded spots in the area, it’s advisable to carry a large umbrella or sun hat to protect yourself from the sun if you plan on a summer photoshoot. Fall is the perfect season to take maternity photos at the Painted Hills, with mild temperatures.

4.  Have Fun and Make Memories

The most important thing during your maternity photoshoot experience is to have fun and make memories. Don’t overthink or stress; take it easy and let nature do the magic. Laugh out loud, enjoy the moment with your partner and document these memorable milestones.

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Painted Hills Oregon Maternity Photos

Painted Hills Maternity Photos

Painted Hills truly looks amazing in black and white as well as color!

Painted Hills Maternity Photography

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