Painted Hills Engagement Photos

The Painted Hills in Oregon is unique and stunning location for engagement photos. A day spent wandering and exploring together at Painted Hills is sure to create fun memories.

As you wander through the painted hills with the ethereal beauty surrounding you in nature’s full embrace, expect nothing but stunning images filled with adventure-inspired engagement photos.

In this blog post we’ll go over everything you need to know about getting ready for an unforgettable shoot in this phenomenal destination. So let’s get started by diving into what kind of outfits will make your photos stand out!

What should you wear?

If you’re taking your engagement photos at the stunning Painted Hills Oregon, make sure you select the right wardrobe to optimize the beauty of your pictures. A good starting point is to pick a color palette that matches the soft and muted colors of the hills; think pastels and sandy browns.

Soft layers are always an excellent choice as they move in the wind and add texture to photographs; choose long dresses for her and button up shirt or light jackets for him.

Adding accessories such as hats, scarves or jewelry is a good way to personalize each look while picking shoes that will not sink easily into Oregon’s soft terrain will complete your outfit with style.

Painted Hills Oregon Engagement Photos

Central Oregon engagement photos

Rustic Painted Hills Engagement Photos

Rustic Painted Hills Oregon Engagement Photography

Painted Hills is a pet friendly location. It’s fun to bring your pets along for some photos. However,  make sure you bring water and leashes.

So in love with this session in black and white as well! Can’t go wrong either way.

If you need a bite to eat after your shoot, you can take a short drive up the road to Tiger Town Brewing. But make sure you have plenty of fuel as Painted Hills is 1.5 hours northwest of Bend, Oregon.

Tiger Town Brewing

Smith Rock is another  rustic engagement photo location in Central Oregon. Check out my blog post on Smith Rock:

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