The Best Time to Take Family Photos with Mountain Views in Central Oregon

The best time to take family photos with mountain views during the summer months in Central Oregon is the evening during.  Central Oregon is the epitome of natural beauty, and the breathtaking mountain views of the three sisters are no exception.

Why the evening you ask?

The dynamic interplay of light and shadow, the color of the sky, and the time of day play a crucial role in capturing the mountains’ unparalleled beauty.

The right light is everything when it comes to taking photos. Even if your little ones are typically at their optimum mood level in the mornings, it’s essential to capture the mountains during the evening hours for the best possible quality of light, especially during the summer months.

If you’re looking to capture candid family photos, especially those with your little ones running around, the morning hours can be challenging in certain areas. The light is bright, casting harsh shadows. Morning light can be limiting with the direction of angles.

Furthermore, photos taken during the morning hours can run a higher risk of squinting into the sun which is never a flattering nor comfortable vibe.

In contrast, the evening hours during the summer months are when the lighting is soft, giving the mountains a warm glow.

This lighting will provide a much better backdrop for your family photos, making capturing candid moments easier, and producing higher quality photos.

It’s essential to remember that the light and time of day are crucial in order to capture the beauty of the mountains here in Central Oregon.

By taking family photos during the evening hours, you will achieve the desirable warm glow and softer lighting that will produce beautiful photos.

With this knowledge, you can plan your family photo shoots in Central Oregon with confidence, creating cherished memories for years to come.

If a morning family photo shoot is the best option for your children, there are other Central Oregon locations best for morning family portraits.

Please feel free to reach out if you need assistance with additional location ideas within the Central Oregon area.

Here is a great location for Bend morning family photo shoots with small children:

Shevlin Park Bend, OR

While not all parks in Central Oregon require parking permits, many do.

Here’s a link for more information on permits: Day Use Parking Permits

Bend Oregon family photos with mountain views

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