Fall family photos Dillon Falls Bend Oregon

The fall season in Bend, Oregon is a beautiful time to have family photos captured especially at Dillon Falls. This stunning natural setting provides the perfect backdrop for your family photos.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips on how to capture stunning fall family photos at Dillon Falls, Bend, Oregon.

1. Location is key: Dillon Falls is a favorite destination of many photographers and locals because it offers so many great hideaways for amazing shots. There is a meadow, forrest or you can walk alongside the river on the well-maintained trails. Either way, you are sure to come across some scenic spots to take some incredible family photos.  If you plan it just right there can be amazing fall color reflecting on the river!

2. Dress appropriately: Fall temperatures can be a chilly, so it’s essential to dress for the weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before your photoshoot and dress accordingly. Layers are a great idea so you can shed or add clothes as needed throughout your shoot. Neutral, earthy or fall colors are an excellent choice that blends effortlessly with the stunning surroundings of Dillon Falls. These colors will help draw attention to your family, creating timeless images.

3. Timing is everything: The early morning and late afternoons offer the most excellent lighting conditions and are perfect for capturing family photo. The natural light during these periods creates a warm and soft glow that will add magic to your pictures. These times also offer an incredible opportunity to capture the beauty of nature. Make sure everyone is well-fed and put the kids to sleep early the night before to ensure they can keep up with the early start if a morning session is planned.

4. Bring a blanket: When planning for your family photo shoot at Dillon Falls, be sure to bring  blankets. This will provide for a bit more variety in poses and assure that your clothing stays clean and dry.

5. Candid shots: Candid shots are always the most memorable in a family photo shoot. Encourage your family members to relax and play, and just have fun during your shoot. Plan to play! Playful moments provide for the best opportunity to get natural expressions and real moments from your children!

Dillon Falls in Bend, Oregon is an awesome location for fall family photos, and with the tips above, you are sure to capture some fantastic memories with your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to  have fun and try new things! With its gorgeous natural surroundings, Dillon Falls provides the perfect backdrop for family photos, and by following these tips, your fall photoshoot will leave you with photos that you will love. Get out there and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

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